Essential MMA Gears that All Newbies Must Have in Their Gym Bag

For newcomers to Mixed Martial Arts, finding the right gym and experienced trainers to train with is one of the most important thing that they can do to get in the combat sports the right way. Assuming that part is taken care of, the next thing beginners to MMA wants to find out is what gears they would need to get started. To safely participate in MMA, there are some basic gears that everyone should own and have in their gym bag.

We have compiled the most essential gears you need to have to get started to ensure safety and maximum performance.

1. Handwraps

MMA training involves punching motions to heavy bags and in sparring scenarios. Therefore, it is imperative to protect your hands by using the handwraps. The handwraps are designed to protect your wrist from musculoskeletal injuries like sprains and fracture. Not only that, they also protect your skins from ripping open while practicing MMA.

Here is a great instruction video on how to properly use handwraps:

2. Gloves

Having a thick gloves will not only protect your hands, but your sparring partner as well. For any stand up boxing work, 16 ounce boxing gloves are recommended to provide protections for your hands. However, for general MMA training, 12 ounce gloves provide a better balance between the weight and impact. However, understand that the glove sizes are largely dependent on your training circumstances including your weight class and hand-size.

3. Headgears

If you plan on sparring, headgears are mandatory in most MMA gyms, and for good reasons. Sure, the headgear makes you look like a complete dork and you may not like the compromised viewpoints out of it. However, they will protect your head and face from getting cut up and heavy damages that can take place when sparring. Cleveland Clinic conducted a research on the effectiveness of using padded headgears and gloves and the results favor the use of these gears to protect practitioners from head traumas like concussion.

There are two types of headgears you can get for MMA: MMA style headgear or boxing style headgear. Both will provide the protection you need so go with the type that you feel most comfortable in.

4. Mouthguards

The nature of MMA means you will be handling some forces and impacts to your body, and your head. Mouthguards were traditionally used in boxing circles to protect the participants to range of injuries including concussion, dental and jaw related injuries. Other sports have taken notice from boxing and nowadays the atheletes who play Basketball and Football both have adopted the use of mouthguards. MMA fighters should wear a mouthguard to protect themselves from unnecessary injuries.

You can opt for a custom mouthguard as they tend to be more comfortable and fitting, but the downside is that they tend to be more expensive. Any mouthguard that fits you reasonably well that you can purchase at the stores would make a fine choice.

5. Shin Guards

If you plan on doing any sorts of Muay Thai or kickboxing style kicking, shinguards will protect your shins from bruising and even fractures. Muay Thai particularly puts heavy emphasis on using your shins to drive the force into your opponents. Having a thick-padded and well-designed shinguards will shield your shins from getting banged up.

6. Rashguards

So far, we’ve covered all the protective gears that are designed to protect your body when participating in the combat sport of Mixed Martial Arts. Many MMA advocates have adopted the use of rashguards as they provide excellent protections from all the ground work as well as them being effective in regulating the body temperature. Rashguards also tend to be more rip and tear resistant than traditional clothings when grappling.

Another advantage of using rashguards over say, cotton t-shirt, is because of their synthetic nature, they tend to help with disposing of the sweats over organic materials.

7. Grappling shorts

Want to get on the ground and start grappling, Jiu Jitsu style? Then your baggy basketball shorts just aren’t going to cut it. You need a proper pair of grappling shorts that are specifically designed to allow the wearers to roll around on the ground and grapple without the worry of them falling off. High quality grappling shorts will not only keep your shorts on your waist, but they will also protect you from burns from the mats as well.

The Origin of the Seven Virtues of Bushido

Righteousness and rectitude was one of the virtues that informed the moral conduct. The moral conduct was also seen as the foundation of good virtues such as honesty and right actions. Respect was another virtue carried by the samurai as an attitude of admiration and honor. This made the warriors courteous even to their enemies. Heroic Courage is a virtue required in a warrior to remain cautious and precise. However, courage is not blind but rather strong and intelligent. Honor is another virtue that made the samurai make decisions with accountability. The warriors were their own judges. You cannot hide run or hide from personal actions.

Another virtue practiced by the warriors was compassion. Despite intense training to become strong and quick, these skills were to be used for good and helping mankind. The Virtue of Honesty and Sincerity were guiding principles in their action. You could only speak and do things from a point of truth. The virtue of Duty and Loyalty is the final principle that guided the warriors. As a warrior, you were to practice unconditional trust and loyalty towards your others.

What was the origin of the Seven Virtues of Bushido?

In the medieval times in Japan, samurai warriors protected the lands of the wealthy with nobility. During the Heian period, the samurai became the Emperor’s tools of shutting down rebellion. As several clans struggled for power of the centuries, the conduct of the samurai gained influence from the Zen Buddhism. Mediation became a means of calming the mind that provided them with a mental edge over their enemies.

The place of combat did not have room for fear and this mediation gave the warriors the necessary philosophical strength to deal with death. Over time, the samurai continued to follow a set of documented rules that was later referred as Bushido (the way of the warrior). In essence, they became the guiding principles as well as the philosophical samurai codes.

How can we apply the Seven Virtues of Bushido in the Society today?

Initially, these virtues were practiced to achieve the highest level possible of performance and self discipline. In the process, they evolved into codes that guided the actions and practices of the samurai. In the modern day, the virtues have maintained a strong place in the Japanese culture and philosophy. For us, attaining the optimal capacity of one of these codes can be a major challenge. Preserved through time and ingrained in history, we, as the spiritual warriors of the modern day can use these virtues and principles as a daily mantra or as our guiding light for our daily moral conduct. We can challenge ourselves to try and acquire the same discipline and attitude used by the samurai in their pursuit for achieving these virtues.

In the process, we will be better citizens and individuals with the ability to change the world. The development of the seven Bushido virtues translates into focused vitality and clarity that we can carry into all aspects of our lives. We can then set into a path of pure mental fortitude and strength in the face of modern challenge.

Reasons why pepper spray is one of the best self-defense tools to have

Knowing self-defense is always an important skill to acquire. If there is ever a situation that someone tries to seriously cause harm, self-defense is necessary to protect yourself. Some prefer to use guns, tasers or knives and others do martial arts but carrying a simple can of pepper spray is definitely effective as well. Pepper spray is possibly the cheapest and simplest way to protect yourself in a time of need.

How does pepper spray work?

Pepper spray is actually made from peppers as the name suggests. OC (oleoresin capsicum) is extracted from peppers such as jalapeno, chili and cayenne. The ingredient Capsaicin is made from the OC and this is the active ingredient in the sprays. When sprayed directly in the eyes or face, pepper spray can cause coughing, choking, temporary blindness and nausea. Whoever is on the receiving end will instinctively shut their eyes immediately after the spray makes contact. The pain is excruciating and while some people may rub their eyes, the stinging is usually only intensified by this.

How do I use pepper spray?

Before making your first purchase, you must know how to properly and quickly wield pepper spray. There are training courses available to educate and give tips to use these sprays. There are 5 different types of sprays are on the market so speaking to a professional can help you choose the best one for you.

  • Pepper Spray Fogger: These have a range of 4-8 feet but are not effective in windy conditions.
  • Pepper Spray Stream: A range of 15-20 feet can be covered and it is effective in windy conditions. If indoors, there is a risk of also being affected by the spray.
  • Pepper Spray Gel: These sprays have a range of 25 feet and stick to the attacker so there is no splatter ensuring it won’t affect you even while indoors.
  • Pepper Spray Foam: These coat the face of the attacker also making it ideal for indoor use and the foam has a range of 6-8 feet.
  • Cone: The advantage of this type of pepper spray is that perfect aim is not necessary. When sprayed a cloud 2 feet in diameter is produced to cloud the attacker. The spray has a range of 8 feet in distance.

What to consider before buying pepper spray? Examine your reasons for buying it. Be sure to familiarize yourself with the top recommended pepper sprays so that in a situation where it needs to be used you are not fumbling. Additionally, you will need to keep it in very easy reach at all times.

In general, being more ware of your surroundings will also prevent attacks since attackers many times prey on those who are not paying attention. Having pepper spray will not protect you from all attacks so preventative measures still need to be taken to ensure your safety.